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KARB - Digitaal Vuurwerk

Karb realizes your digital projects. Web, mobile or desktop applications; Karb will build it and makes sure it pops, but in a solid and permanent way. Contact us now to see what we can do for you!

New media products

Karb builds new media products. This could mean mobile applications, websites, full-fledged member databases, social network tools, online retail systems, online stock-management or any other digital products. In short: if it has to be digital, we can build it and advise you in the best possible way.

Precise advice

Not only does it rhyme, it is also true. Karb is run by Jeroen Knitel, a Master graduate from Utrecht University in Communication and Information Science and New Media & Digital Culture. Because of his background we can provide you with the best possible advice not only on the technical side of the matter but also on the conceptual and strategical aspects of your online products or services. For example conversion-optimization of your existing product or services based on thorough analysis and A/B testing.

Hosting & service

Karb also provides hosting of your website or application. We will serve your online identity in a solid and fast way with a stable and redundant infrastructure. With our daily offsite backups we will do the best we can to protect you and your data from digital loss. Karb can also provide maintenance services for your product, keeping everything secure and up-to-date, so you can focus on what matters most: your business.


Effective communication

What is your message and how can we transfer that message in the best possible way? Together we will look at your ideas and targets. Because Karb has both alpha and beta-knowledge of new media we can advise you in all aspects of the game and get to the most efficient and well-balanced way of communicating your message.


Complete solutions

Karb co-operates with the most innovative and proven companies in the digital industry. Karb can offer solid solutions and will help guide you from concept, design and development to hosting and realisation. This way Karb can act as your project manager and you won't have to contact multiple companies for every step of your project. This way we can achieve the most efficient and cost-effective communication and realisation in every step of your project.


Proven technologies

Karb has been active since the beginning of the Internet era and is experienced in a wide range of web-technologies and standards. We are not exaggerating when we tell you our products 'just work' and we realize this by working with the best tools for each and every job.


Growth and care

When your product goes to market, we don't have to be done yet. By collecting feedback, analyzing statistics and interpreting usage we can help you to shape and improve your product. Karb can also take care of hosting for your product/service and makes sure it's fast at all times and optimally operating. We will also provide daily secured backups on multiple locations so your data and any of your clients data will be safely stored and available.
KARB BVBA - haantjeslei 662018 antwerpbe